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Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics
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The Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics sector produces commercially available medicinal and diagnostic substances. The sector is generally characterized by large multi-national firms heavily engaged in R&D and manufacturing activities to bring drugs to market.
Examples of products are:
  • Vaccines
  • Targeted disease therapeutics - small-molecule, synthetic drugs
  • Biopharmaceuticals - biologics and biosimilars
  • Tissue and cell culture media
  • Dermatological/topical treatments
  • Diagnostic substances
  • Animal therapeutics and vaccines
Michigan has a rich history in the pharmaceutical sector, beginning with being home to the first two pharmaceutical companies founded in the United States - Parke, Davis & Company (1871) and The Upjohn Company (1886). In the last 15 years both these companies were acquired by Pfizer, Inc., the world's largest drug manufacturer. Not to be outdone, L. Perrigo Company was founded in 1887 and is now the world's largest private label, over-the-counter (OTC) drug manufacturer. In addition to these multi-national brands, Michigan's staple of pharma companies include but is not limited to the following emerging and established companies:

 Aastrom Biosciences
 Ash Stevens
 Metabolic Solutions Development Company
 Emergent Biosolutions
 Perrigo Company
 Esperion Therapeutics
 Pfizer, Inc.
 Ferndale Pharma Group
 ProNAi Therapeutics
 Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing
 Tolera Therapeutics
 Housey Pharmaceutical Research
 Velesco Pharmaceutical
 JHP Pharmaceuticals
 Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health)

There's no shortage of notable scientific achievements that have emanated from Michigan's pharmaceutical sector. The state's biopharma companies and/or research universities have brought significant therapeutic treatments and cures to patients worldwide. Most significantly, these include but are not limited to:
  •  AZT, the first approved treatment for HIV/AIDS discovered at Wayne State University
  •  Lipitor, the cholesterol-lowering agent discovered at Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals in Ann Arbor, and largest selling drug in history
  • Xanax, the first anti-anxiety medication, discovered and manufactured by the Upjohn Company
  • Halcion, the first insomnia drug, discovered and manufactured by the Upjohn Company
  • Anthrax vaccine, first manufactured by BioPort (now known as Emergent BioSolutions) in Lansing
  • Dilantin, the first marketed, and Neurontin, a current widely-used epilepsy treatment, both developed at Parke-Davis
  •  Large scale production of the steroids, cortisone and prednisone developed at the Upjohn Company
  • Cisplatin, discovered at Michigan State University, a leading chemotherapy drug used as treatment in a wide range of malignancies
The Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics sector employs over 7,300 directly according to the most recent Battelle/BIO Bioscience Industry State Industry Development Report 20121. With an almost 5-fold employment multiplier, the sector's impact reaches almost 36,000 statewide. Michigan has witnessed an over 5% increase in number of biopharma ventures over the past ten years creating a robust biotech/pharma community and ecosystem.

1 Battelle/BIO. State Bioscience Industry Development 2012. June 2012.

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