About MichBio

Our Mission:  Drive biosciences industry growth in Michigan

MichBio is the biosciences industry trade association and the official Michigan affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organization, BIO, which represents biotechnology companies across America and in 33 other nations.  Formed in 1993 as the Michigan Biosciences Industry Association, MichBio is headquartered in Ann Arbor.

MichBio promotes cooperation between Michigan’s bioscience-related businesses, forges stronger relationships, develops business-to-business opportunities, and serves as a united industry voice to improve the overall science-friendly environment for attracting and founding new business.


  • Advance common goals and concerns of MichBio member companies.
  • Provide an infrastructure for joint activities that serve the needs of the member companies through programs, events, advocacy and contracts and services.
  • Create a suitable biotechnology business climate in which the regulatory, legislative and public environment recognizes and supports the social and economic benefits of biotechnology in Michigan.
  • Provide educational and informational activities to aid local, state and federal officials and the general public in making informed decisions about issues concerning biotechnology.
  • Encourage and facilitate economic development of the Michigan biotechnology industry.

MichBio Corporate Brochure

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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 130199
Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0199


Physical Address:
3520 Green Ct.
Suite 175
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-1579
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Phone: (734) 527-9150
Fax: (734) 302-4933

Email: info@michbio.org


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